Gramothan Seva Centres

What is GSC ?

GSCs are managed and monitored by a local “Seva Samiti” consisting of Farmers, SHG reps, Youth, Social Activists, Businessmen and members of Gramothan.

The Seva Samiti builds close relationship with village community, farmers, businessmen, SHGs, Panchayats, etc

  • Each GSC serves a cluster of 30 villages comprising 6000 families.
  • We begin with capacity building and survey of every village and family in the cluster, to know the needs of the community.
  • Based on this survey, we design Skill Training program focused for – Youth, Women, and Farmers. We also train Master farmers who trains other farmers in their village
  • GSC appoints Gram Sevaks , in every village who provides direct link to GSC with village community.
  • GSC connects Farmers, Artisans and local enterprises with urban Markets to help them access wider market and get better price.