Vision, Mission & Core values


To create a new India, in which our indigenous rural community will have the ability to manage their destiny and get an opportunity to prosper economically in a responsible way, remain connected to their roots in harmony with nature and become self-belief citizens, enabling them to raise themselves by themselves


To establish a self-sustainable hub called Gramothan Seva Centre (GSC) – which provides skill development and market access and also creates an eco-system of progress, by converging all the stakeholders like farmers, village community, leaders, women-groups, govt., banks, corporates, markets, knowledge providers, technical Institutes and non-profit org.

Core Values

Sustainability, Self Reliance, Integrity, Partnership, Inclusivity, Transparency.

Our Strengths

Our GSC is a Self-sustaining model through income from mini-Dairy (which will also provide green fuel and organic agri inputs), Market Linkage, nominal Trainee-fee etc. This way once GSC infrastructure is ready, continuously. This is a very unique feature of our GSC which most NGOs don’t plan. Currently most funders / philanthropists prefer this model.

Through continuous interaction with villagers for Capacity building etc we will collect true data of every Family, SHGs, Farmers, Agri-lands around GSC, which is not available. This will enable us to jointly select the Seva Programs relevant to village community.

Each GSC is supervised by local Business and Community leaders for better management, reliability, accountability and quality.

We will Partner with local NGOs, Tech Institute, Banks, corporates, Volunteer Org etc to reduce costs, improve our out-reach and quality of training.

Total transparency and accountability is guaranteed.